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Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Atta

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Wheat atta is a staple and is one of the main sources of energy. It also provides a number of essential nutrients such as protein, B vitamins and vitamin E in significant amounts which are beneficial for health. 24 Mantra Organic Atta is made from whole wheat using traditional chakki procedure and brings the old-world goodness of rotis into homes. Therefore, the wheat atta has a significant amount of dietary fibre and phytochemicals which deliver a lot of health benefits. Our Organic Whole Wheat Atta is100 % Organic, grown without synthetic pesticides and grown without synthetic GMOs.

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Nutritional Facts

• Calories-364kcal

• Total Fat-1gKcal

• Saturates-0 gKcal

• Trans Fat-0 gKcal

• Cholesterol-0mgKcal

• Sodium-76gKcal

• Carbohydrates-3gKcal

• Fibre-0.14 gKcal

• Sugar-2mgKcal

• Protein-10gKcal

• Vitamin A-9Kcal

• Vitamin C-0Kcal

• Calcium-34 mgKcal

• Iron-3.5 mgKcal


100 % Organic

Grown without synthetic Pesticides

Grown without synthetic GMOs

Made by traditional chakki method and is not refined

A major source of energy in our diet

A good source of protein

A good source of B vitamins and vitamin E

Rich in bran which contains a significant amount of dietary fibre which is good for our gut

Beneficial for those who have diabetes and high cholesterol levels in the blood

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