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Rotis made from Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is a healthy option for those who prefer rotis and chapattis (Indian bread) to rice. As this atta or wheat flour is known to contain three parts of the whole wheat grain, you can be assured of wholesome nourishment when you are eating rotis made from this wheat flour.

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  • Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta has maize and soy along with five other grains like wheat. Whole grains like ragi and oats are also part of this wheat flour.

Nutritional Facts

  • The atta or wheat flour is a rich source of natural nutrients and iron, both of which are extremely good for your health. This is particularly useful for adults and growing children. 
  • Apart from dietary fibre, you will be getting your healthy quota of vitamins, minerals and plant-based protein from this food.
  • Consumption of whole grain in any form will reduce the chances of heart diseases and stroke and Type 2 diabetes.
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