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Vijay Besan Flour, 500 g

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Gram (Chanana) Dal Flour

Nutritional Facts

Energy: 387.56kcal

Protein: 22.37 g

Carbohydrates: 57.16g

Fat: 6.7g

Dietary fibre: 10.89g

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Vijay Besan is also known as gram flour that comes from chickpeas, or garbanzo beans as they are called in the US. This flour is naturally gluten-free, a good source of fibre as well as protein making it a valuable part of a vegetarian diet. It is a good source of zinc, a mineral that helps the immune system and also has antioxidant potential. It has countless roles including muscle relaxation and bone density. It is fairly neutral, slightly nutty, slightly “bean-y” flavour, it can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Besan is made from carefully selected chickpeas. Good for your heart. Besan contains soluble fibre, which keeps your heart healthy. Hygienically processed. High on energy.

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